Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Master magicians in this town are plentiful and entertaining! However then comes Cashetta...a magician in drag! Yes that's right in drag! I am always a tad skeptical regarding the new shows and how well they will do and how funny, entertaining they are and this show is F.U.N.N.Y! Her humor is off the wall (read raunchy) and the delivery of each joke is well timed and paced correctly. Cashetta gives magic a fabulous makeover as one of the only female impersonator magicians in the world. Her act includes cards that disappear and reappear in unlikely places and a gypsy rope illusion that rivals Harry Houdini’s famous escapes — with a twist. She even teaches an audience member, dressed in drag, to perform an illusion. And just wait to see what she does with a five-foot balloon. Cashetta relies heavily on her interaction with her audience, pulling them on stage to help with her illusions. The atmosphere is more of a party than a show.“Magic’s a Drag" plays at the Harmon Theater.
If you a looking for a show that is entertaining and off the wall and just want to have fun then go see Cashetta!

Where: Harmon Theatre at Krave

Address: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd South, #600, Las Vegas
Cost: $44.95 - $59.95
Age limit: 21+

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